Promotion through Road show

Road show is one of the smartest way to attract your targeted audience without much effort. We at Moxie Exhibitions traces your occasions all through your state and even your nation utilizing most recent occasion innovations to associate, draw in and communicate with your intended interest group out and about. To expand crowd communication and commitment, Moxie Exhibitions make life-changing conditions utilizing forefront visuals, attempted and tried various media types of lighting, gear, sound and connection. We also work with many exhibition companies in Delhi.

From brand commitment to encounters and item dispatches. Especially,You can depend upon our roadshow and occasions originators and experienced record directors to remove the pressure from dealing with your roadshow and occasion plan, leaving you to concentrate on the business close by.

We at Moxie Exhibitions are specialists in Road show arranging and all the various factors that accompany it including:

  • Sourcing multiple venues
  • Liaising with local authorities
  • Negotiating contracts
  • Logistics
  • Marketing
  • Staff Management
  • Corner Design and Pop-up Display
  • Lighting and Audio
  • Organizing and backgrounds
  • Setting Survey and Space Rental